Planning Consultancy

We take an active role in Cornwall Councils Planning Department and submit over 80 successful applications each year.

Every planning application we have submitted is unique in its own right. Each type of development calls for a different process that changes the format of drawings and requirement of reports and surveys.

Planning is a turbulent world with new policy emerging at national, local and parish levels on a regular basis. At government level the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), adopted in 2012, sets out a national objective for planning in the country. More locally, Cornwall has seen the adoption of its local plan in November 2016 which, for the most part, has had a positive impact on development in the Duchy. It has clarified and loosened some areas of difficulty whilst tightening up on others.

This means that although you may see development similar to what you are looking to achieve, if it gained permission before the adoption of the local plan it may not gain planning permission now. A government initiative has been put forward for all parish councils to produce a neighbourhood plan that allows local communities the opportunity to define the developmental future of their town, village or hamlet.

Inevitably, these policies do not always agree and requires the expertise A & K Architectural Services have to produce justifications as needed to gain planning permission.

What we do

We have a detailed knowledge of this complex field and will best advise you on the planning legislation relevant to your development.

Initially we establish whether the development you are looking to achieve requires planning permission or can be achieved under permitted development legislation.  There are a large percentage of planning applications submitted to councils across the country that are simply not required.

Using our expertise will ensure that only the required consents are submitted, saving you time and money.

‘In house’ both of our directors are accredited agents with Cornwall Council to submit and manage householder planning applications. For further information on our accreditations please click here.


Your Project

Coronavirus update – 23rd April.

Looking to extend or develop your home?.. Wanting to get your design, planning and building regulations sorted during lockdown? Get it touch with us to arrange a free initial video consultation.

We’ve been developing our procedures to allow us to work with you in carrying out a virtual survey to progress developments remotely – you measure, we draw – at discounted rates. 

These are challenging times but here at A & K we are always looking for ways to make the very best out of any situation!!
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