At A & K Architectural Services we have a specialised knowledge in creating annexes that can be used for dependants, children who are unable get onto the property ladder or for your extended family. An annexe is a great way to keep your family close whilst still allowing them their personal space.

Often the most efficient way to achieve an annexe is by utilising garages or out buildings but where this is not possible we can design an extension to your existing property.

Cornwall Council are very much in favour of this sort of development for relatives under ‘Care in the community’ policies. Within the design we can include ‘level access’ thresholds, wider doors and wet rooms for those who need it. These sort of adaptations allow people with disabilities or mobility problems to use their own space with minimal assistance, affording them dignity and independence.

Please be aware that an annexe development should not be mistaken for holiday accommodation or to rent or sell as a separate dwelling. These options are possible through A & K Architectural Services but do require different planning permissions, should you wish to discuss this sort of development please give us a call.

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